International Organization Day

Yesterday, the LSE Career Service hosted the 2nd International Organization Day.  It was basically a recruiting event where international organizations came to talk to students about working at their respective organizations.  Those that came included the United Nations Secretariat, World Bank, UNICEF, IMF, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, and more!  Coming from a relatively small liberal arts university in Canada, it is quite amazing to me that the United Nations would bother to do on-campus recruitment events.

Admittedly, the reputation of the LSE provides opportunities and access into some very prestigious organizations.  However, it is not the case to assume a degree from LSE is a golden ticket to your ultimate career.  At the end of the day, the name of the School may provide you with an edge, but it is still up to the individual to work hard to seize that opportunity.  After checking out a few recruiting events, I plan to come up with a list of organizations that I am interested in applying to.  The list will probably include one or two international organizations, but probably more private companies.  To me, the type of position and the culture of the organization seems more important than its official categorization.

A friend of mine recently wrote me an email saying her ultimate career aspiration is to be a combination of diplomat, artist, and environmentalist.  The positions she listed touched on some essential points.  For any satisfying career, it is essential to meet the following three criteria: 1) monetary security, 2) personal fit, and 3) worldly contributions.  Regardless of how you define the three criteria, the best jobs are the ones that can put food on your table, allow you to be yourself, and provide you with a platform to make positive contributions in the world.

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