Here, came Lent – Now, gone

10 weeks sounds like a long time, but it really is not. The Lent term began in the second week of January, and its end arrived just as I started to feel like I was finally getting used to it. This sense of familiarity, however, was covered up by a hurricane of assignments (unassessed, of [...]

Extracurriculars @LSE?

You may think there isn’t much going on beyond academics at LSE. After all, it is a pretty small school, with give-or-take 8,000 students total, and the campus is tiny. Athletic facilities are nearly non-existent, except for the so-called ‘sports hall’ in the Old Building basement with a pathetic basketball hoop and the basic gym [...]

Settled? Settling.

The fact that it’s been almost a month since the last time I updated this blog should be a telling proof of how busy I’ve been. I can positively say that within the last two weeks I’ve devolved into a geeky hermit who’s already checked out 20 books from the library, and has spent at [...]


Facebook is such an interesting sociological phenomenon. You ‘poke’ people, add them as ‘Facebook’ friends, talk and exchange information – personal and professional – as well as photo albums, and even play a game of Scrabble. More importantly, it’s a very handy tool to keep in touch with those friends you may not see all [...]